How To: Use Microsoft Excel as a database

Use Microsoft Excel as a database

How to use Microsoft Excel as a simple database and how to organize and sort data on the fly.

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Very helpful and clearly explained but the volume level was too low (could not hear it in a public place or when my a/c was running) Overall: A

Same here djmejia..A+ though.

helpful for people who already know how to make a spreadsheet...
volume too low and visibility of what you showed is blurred.

Think you can use Excel even better than this. Check out this flash presentation to see the art of the possible.
Excel is hidden and a form opens automatically that interacts with the Excel workbook. Using Excel formulas you can write to/from cells to mimick the functionality of an Access Database. If you want to create something similar look into advanced Excel functions like Index, Match, Vlookup, etc.

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